Greetings! Welcome to what we hope will be an interesting and vital part of our website. TNC Recordings, Inc. and its subsidiary TNC Jazz, is a small label based in Las Vegas, Nevada with fresh, new approach, making available to the listener the latest of new music, as well as thrilling archival and historically important recordings, not only from America but also from the newly independent Ukraine -- one of Europe's exciting and historically important new music centers. The label was formed in 1996, when Troppe Note Recordings affiliated with Cambria Master Recordings and became Troppe Note/Cambria Recordings, or TNC Recordings.

TNC Jazz is dedicated to presenting the very best in jazz recordings in a broad style format: from mainstream to the avant-garde that feature composers and instrumentalists whose individualism and distinctive styles make a serious contribution to the body of jazz art. This philosophy has been adopted not only to provide historical documentation of artists' contributions, but also to expose their innovations and unique musical voices to a broader audience. The stylistic proclivities of our recording artists span a magnitude as great as their age differences: from highly traditional to cutting edge creativity, encompassing ages 18 to 72. TNC Jazz employs the latest and best technology to produce the finest sounding recordings possible. With expertly written liner notes and superb photography and artwork, TNC Jazz produces recordings that will thrill the casual listener and enhance even the most serious jazz lover's collection.

What are our plans for this Newsletter? Let us enumerate them.

  1. Information on new releases, what they are, when they will be released and related information.
  2. A Calendar of events: where our artists have recently performed, where they will be performing, what new projects they are planning and other such nuggets of information.
  3. Interviews with composers/arrangers and performers - and there will be at least one each month, starting January 15, 2005.
  4. The latest reviews will be placed here first, before being archived in the REVIEWS section.
  5. All special projects that will be planned by TNC Recordings and its parent company, Troppe Note Publishing, will be first announced in the Newsletter.
  6. Although we plan to bring out the Newsletter on a monthly basis (the 15th of each month, starting March 15, 2005) there will be a section titled RECENT UPDATES in which the most recent information will be announced as it comes in.

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